Activities, wildlife, scenic flight and helicopter


Fishing is loads of fun and takes place outside of the marine reserves and we catch and release where possible as currently there is a moratorium on certain fish species. Common catches can include Blue Cod, Sea Perch, Terakahi, and School Groper.


Experience the majesty of Doubtful Sound from water level. 2-4 kayaks are onboard. Kayaking is an adventurous activity and a full safety briefing is held prior to going on the water. Lifejackets are provided and are compulsory. Kayaking only occurs at the discretion of this skipper and is weather dependent.


Fiordland Lobster

Fiordland Lobster are captured in traps that are baited each cruise, while we cannot guarantee that fresh Fiordland Lobster will be on the menu, there is a certain excitement in watching how these creatures of the Fiord are captured.


Doubtful Sound Wildlife

Doubtful Sound is home to a range of rare and beautiful wildlife and encounters may include Fiordland Crested Penguins, Southern Fur Seals or Doubtful Sound’s indigenous Bottle Nose Dolphins. To protect our rare and endangered wildlife we operate to a strict code of practice when we encounter wildlife.



Optional Extras:

Scenic Amphibious Float Plane Flights


Southern Lakes Helicopters

DURATION: 40 minutes
PRICE: $685 per person

DURATION: 1 hour 10 minutes
PRICE: $995 per person

Fiordland Cruises reserves the right to amend timetables cancel departures, substitute plant or equipment and alter ticket prices at any time. Due to variability of weather and other conditions beyond our control Fiordland Cruises cannot guarantee certain activities/subjects will be available. The actual route activities and anchorages may vary. Fiordland Cruises reserves all rights