Private Charters

Doubtful Sound - Overnight CruiseNee Islands - Doubtful Sound Overnight CruiseDoubtful Sound Southern Secret Overnight Cruise

Charter cruises of Doubtful Sound, New Zealand can be arranged on demand subject to availability for small groups, friends, family, or for couples seeking a private Doubtful Sound experience.

Cruise departure times, transport, meals supplied and itineraries will remain the same as the regular tour; however with a charter you would have the vessel to yourself and who you choose to bring.

MV Southern Secret Accommodates 1-12 passengers

Charter price includes:

SCUBA Diving
Should you wish to Dive, we can offer use of the MV Southern Secret as a dive platform only. This means that people wanting to SCUBA Dive must have their own “Diving Activity Supervisor” or DAS. The DAS is responsible for ensuring the safety of participants in the water and being registered with Work Safe New Zealand and also must hold an audited Safety Plan pursuant to the Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011.

Policy: Half / Full Private Charters will incur a minimum 20% penalty if cancelling. If cancelling less than 30 days prior to departure, there is no refund. Unforeseen circumstances may be taken into consideration.
If cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances, for example weather or breakdowns, Fiordland Cruises may be forced to cancel the trip and will refund monies in full.
Fiordland Cruises reserves the right to amend timetables cancel departures, substitute plant or equipment and alter ticket prices at any time. Due to variability of weather and other conditions beyond our control Fiordland Cruises cannot guarantee certain activities/subjects will be available. The actual route activities and anchorages may vary. Fiordland Cruises reserves all rights.

Should you wish to bring children on your Full Private Charter, all ages are welcome as part of your group.

Please contact us on (+64) 3 249 7777 or by email